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We buy homes in any condition fast - for cash!

Who is looking out for you and your investment?

If you need to sell, call us today! If you are not a seasoned investor, you need a partner, period. All home renovations involve a multitude of  moving parts. Having the right advise can ensure success and prevent a frustrating financial nightmare. Safety and attention to detail can be managed most efficiently by your design partner  directly, to ensure your vision is created on time and on budget without excuses. We work together start to finish.If you are in over your head already... Call us!

Experience = Savings
Having worked on thousands of homes means we can look out for potential issues before they come up. Problem solving and problem avoiding are keys to success. We like to look beyond the current situation, and design for the future with the longevity of each project's total investment in mind. We always look for a creative solution. There are infinite options depending on the timeline and budget. We work with you to find the one that fits.
Old or New?

Finding the perfect home in the perfect area, price point, and condition may be impossible. With a realistic timeline and budget, we can find you the right balance and customize it to fit you and your needs perfectly.


Fixer uppers are a great way to get what you want, where you want it and on your budget. We can tell you what a realistic budget is for any property.

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