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Custom Design that fits you.


We will work with you to create spaces that are unique, fuctional and eye catching on any budget. We start with your wish list and offer suggestions to get you started. We refine the design over and over until it is just right. 


The Big Questions?


What are your goals for each space?

What works and doesn't work now?

What is your timeline and budget range?

What is your style preference, would it make sense in this space?

What might have been there originally?

How can we add visual interest?

How can we optimize usability and efficiency?

What products / finishes make the most sense for the design?


Every home or building has potential for greatness-not only in architectural glory but in everyday function and thoughtful touches that can make it interesting, make it work, make it last. The modern family uses their home differently than they did even 10 years ago. Many products used throughout America’s relatively short history have failed to perform as expected. The need for permanent design has always existed, but is rarely respected in our bigger, faster, cheaper mentality. Our planet is suffering from our disposable culture and our homes are as well.


The average American home is renovated every 10-20 years if it needs it or not. Not only due to damage or repair, but for style and profit. Our aim is to think ahead 50-100 years. With some forethought, homes can be saved from many of the most common pitfalls and circumvent many easily avoidable common maintenance issues. A home that is true to its original design can be called a classic, vintage, retro, even old school, but it should never be called ugly and out dated. Design trends, building materials and fine finishes are ever improving and evolving, but some can detract from what makes the home original… Originality! 


Finding secret space.


The garage and attics have long been children’s favorite hiding spots. They are also the most cost effective way to add livable square footage and equity to your home. Even on a meager budget, your damp garage or blazing hot, dusty attic can be transformed into something really unique. Sometimes less is more, keeping as much of the original character as possible also keeps trash out of the landfill and the project on budget. The greenest building is the one that already exists. Save it, make it functional, work with what you have. A garage full of junk can be a funky little apartment or man cave for under 20% of the cost of an addition. Creativity and an open mind are imperative when you are stretching a budget.

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